Coaching & Mentoring

Most organisations buy training whith the objective of obtaining new skills and knowledge. What they really want is change which enables improved performance and results. 

Traditional training, seminars and on-line learning are valuable methods and provide new information input and  knowledge. BUT… how do employees at all levels, implement these new ideas into the workplace? How does a leader/manager test fresh methods without relying on old habits? Who provides the arena for practicing new skills?

In almost every area of life, practice is a prerequisite of achieving improved outcome and performance.

COACHING and Mentoring, provides a learning simulator where ideas can be challenged and tested, new skills can be practiced, goals and objectives can be set and performance measured.

Coaching provides safety and rigor of a simulated environment within the reality of the modern workplace.

How then can COACHING be effective?

  • Use as a sounding board for the development and implementation of new strategies, plans, concepts,organisational change etc
  • In the development and practice of strategic leadership skills
  • Enable key people to to implement change whilst receiving feedback
  • Career development and succession planning
  • By allowing managers to test methods, policies and procedures in a “safe environment”
  • Test complex issues and obtain coaching input
  • Use the process to inspire inspirational leaders
  • Obtain strong objective feedback in a non judgemental mannner

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